Best Small Business Organization Tools

One of the most popular tools for small businesses is Google Drive, a free service from Google that offers 15 GB of space for storing and sharing documents. It also offers two-factor authentication for added security. Another popular tool is Evernote, which lets you keep track of ideas, projects, and to-dos.

This easy-to-use tool for small business owners allows them to manage documents and track workflow with viewable checklists and accountability features. It claims to reduce mistakes by up to 85% and improve training processes. Another great benefit is its free nature. It can be used by a team of multiple people with no additional fees.

Another tool that can streamline a business’s workflow is Zapier, a free service that integrates several different applications. It can automatically send documents to different apps that perform similar functions. For example, it can upload documents from Google Drive to other apps with the same functionality. However, it’s important to note that not all data can be automated.

Another free tool for small businesses is Hubspot, which is similar to a CRM but with automation features. It allows you to track customer interactions, create sales-related tasks, and get an overview of your sales funnel. You can also try Microsoft Project, an easy-to-use project management software that replaces multiple tools for communication and project management.

Small business owners should also check out Canva, an all-in-one online graphic design tool that is useful for both designers and non-designers alike. It offers a broad library of charts and graphs that can be used for presentations and company branding. Whether you’re a freelancer or are just starting out, Canva can help you get organized and remain productive.

Keeping is a popular tool for small businesses. It helps teams manage customer support requests efficiently. It also allows team members to share notes and confirm the status of each task. Another tool, Toggl, helps manage time spent on various tasks, including customer service. It allows you to keep track of the amount of time spent on different tasks and enables you to track performance of your team.

Trello is another useful tool. It lets you visualize tasks and assign due dates. You can also attach assets and create checklists. It’s very easy to use and works across all platforms. You can create unlimited lists and members. The app also integrates with other applications, such as Dropbox and Slack.

Asana is another tool for small businesses. This project management tool allows teams to collaborate and keep to a schedule. You can set up tasks on boards, communicate with team members, and see project progress. You can also use Asana with your Gmail or Dropbox accounts. Asana can be integrated with several other apps to help your team manage their projects.

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